2024 National WHEP Competition

July 28-31, 2024

Brownwood, Texas

Woodland Ecoregion


What is WHEP?

The WHEP (National Wildlife Habitat Education Program) is a hands-on environmental education program. WHEP also provides participants an opportunity to test their wildlife knowledge in a friendly competition, as each state supporting WHEP conducts an annual contest where teams of 3-4 similarly aged individuals gather. The winning senior (14-19 years of age) WHEP team from each state earns the right to attend the annual National WHEP Contest, typically held the last full week of July.The national contest moves to a different state each year.


WHEP is a 4-H and FFA youth natural resource program dedicated to teaching wildlife and fisheries habitat management to junior and senior level (ages 8-19) youth in the United States.


What do Participants Study?

  • Learn wildlife terms and concept
  • Learn about wildlife habitat
  • Learn how to judge the quality of wildlife habitat
  • Learn about wildlife habitat management practices
  • Learn about wildlife damage management
Did You Know?
In 1996 WHEP was awarded the Conservation Education Award by
The Wildlife Society; which is the only professional organization that
certifies wildlife biologists nationwide.
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