Alabama WHEP Team 2017

Winning Senior Teams have the opportunity to represent Alabama at the National WHEP Contest each year. The Contest moves around to different states every year. In 2015, Alabama hosted the National WHEP Contest at the Alabama 4-H Center in Columbiana. We welcomed 14-states and were able to showcase the diversity of natural resources that our state boasts. Participants received a guided tour that featured stops at a longleaf pine management stand and a TREASURE Forest certified site. The event was a huge success and we feel certain that our visitors experienced ‘Southern Hospitality’ at its best.


WHEP Contest Awards
2015 – 2nd Place
2011 – 2nd Place
2007 – 1st Place
2006 – 1st Place
2005 – 2nd Place
2003 – 1st Place
2001 – 1st Place
2000 – 2nd Place
1998 – 1st Place
1997 – 2nd Place
1995 – 2nd Place
1993 – 1st Place
1992 – 2nd Place
1991 – 1st Place
1990 – 1st Place
1989 – 1st Place
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